Choose the Right Time for Cardio!

Choose the Right Time for Cardio!

Cardio Forget everything you know about cardio you’ve ever heard. With this knowledge you will learn why you have not made progress for a long time. At the same time, you will have a serious knowledge to get rid of your fat as soon as possible. In fact, this information is related to the fact that there is a logic behind doing sports. In our previous articles, we said that acquiring sports culture alone does not mean much. Regardless of the type of sport, we should do research and be conscious about it.

Cardio includes such a detail. When you go to the gym, you see some people who regularly come every day and spend time on the treadmill or bike. 4 days 5 days a week. But the shape is always the same. It cannot progress and the fat rate does not decrease. Maybe you are too, and that’s why this article caught your attention.

Choose The Most Effective Time!

You may think it’s cardio time, but once you explain why, you’ll regret all the time you spent. The human body takes energy first from alcohol in the body and then from carbohydrate stores. If these stores are empty, they will attack the protein stores and provide energy in this way. But if all these stores in the body are empty, how does the body provide energy? This is where the importance of cardiovascular exercise comes into play. If the alcohol, carbohydrate, and protein stores in the body are empty, fats are used to provide energy. When fat stores become active for energy, real fat burning begins. And from that moment on, your fat melts!

Do Cardio

We emphasized the time. Let’s get this clear. The most important moment when the body stores are empty is when we wake up from sleep. When we wake up in the morning, the body stores are completely emptied and ready for rapid fat burning. The cardio you will do in the morning will be the most effective cardio time. Of course, you may not feel well because you are hungry, but if you get used to your body, you can do morning cardio without any problems. If you wish, you can start doing cardio by drinking a small amount of water.

Choose the Right Time for Cardio!

Want to Know What You’ve Done So Far?

After eating for 6 months maybe 1 year, you went to the gym and did cardio work. In this case, you just melted what you ate. It is impossible to make progress. If you want to progress in your next studies, you should coordinate your cardio exercises and your nutrition well. If you manage to coordinate, you will be able to notice the effect in a very short time.

Pre-Workout or Post-Workout?

Another important point is the place of cardio during training. It is one of the mistakes made in the gym. In fact, those who solve the logic may not even feel the need to read this part of the article. If you are going to do weight training, the right thing is to do weight training first and then move on to cardio training at the end of the training. If you do otherwise, you will not have the strength and energy required for weight training. The cardio you do will take over the task of completely emptying the body’s stores. Therefore, only use the treadmill or bike to warm up before training.

Do Diet

The effect of the cardio you will do after the training will be more effective. The logic we explained above comes into play here again. We got our energy from carbohydrate and protein stores in weight training and it’s over. When you switch to cardio exercise, the body gets ready to burn fat and fat burning occurs quickly.
Provided that you haven’t warmed up, your hunger level is moderate, and you’re going to do direct cardio without weight training, you need to put more effort to burn fat. Staying on the treadmill for 20 minutes doesn’t mean you’re burning fat. Depending on your speed, fat burning will be more effective and active after 20-25 minutes.

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