Healty And Balanced Nutrition Recommendations

Healty And Balanced Nutrition | You can control your weight by balancing energy intake and energy expenditure. We also have some healthy eating suggestions for you:

• Make sure your diet consists of complex carbohydrates. Minimize simple sugars and sugary foods. Try not to consume refined sugar.
• Reduce salt consumption. Remember that additives also contain salt.
• Consume more fruit pulp.
• Consume less alcohol. If possible, drink alcohol only on special occasions do not regularly.
• Make sure you eat a varied diet.
• Avoid smoked foods and foods cooked directly over the fire.
• When shopping, be sure to eat fresh foods and check the expiration date.
• Limit your caffeine intake.
• Do not throw away the cooking water of pasta and dried legumes, do not store rice in hot water.
• Protect milk and milk products and oils from light.
• Make sure your diet is rich in calcium, vitamin C and iron.
• Sunbathe regularly for 5-15 minutes a day, early in the morning or in the evening, and also take your child out in the sun.
• Always read the label before buying food.

Healty And Balanced Nutrition

One of the most important details in the balance of energy intake and consumption is oil consumption.. The wise choices you make in fat consumption will definitely help you eat healthy and make it easier for you to lose weight. As for our suggestions on this subject:

• Consume less visible and invisible oil.
• Make sure that the products you buy at home are semi-oiled.
• The oil you use in your meals should be moderate, and you should enhance meals with seasonings rather than excess oil.
• Cook by removing the visible fat from the meat, and avoid frying as much as possible.
• Do not use the frying oil you once used.
When it comes to losing weight, our most valuable food sources are, of course, fruits and vegetables. As for our recommendations for e ating fruits and vegetables:

• Make sure to consume 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day.
• Try not to peel the edible skins of vegetables and fruits, or peel them very thinly. Most of the vitamins are in these parts, remember.
• Cook vegetables with the lid closed. You can only cook sulphurous foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and celery with the lid off.
• Cook vegetables and fruits only briefly in a little water. Wash them whole and cut them into large pieces, not small ones.
• Do not add soda, even to preserve the color of the vegetables.
• Cook enough hot vegetables for one meal. If you must reheat it, reheat only as much as you will eat.

Healty And Balanced Nutrition

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