Is Protein Powder Harmfull ?

Protein powder is healthier than pastries on the table of millions. But since it is produced from milk, it also carries many protein powders, milk-related problems when examined in depth. In other words, it is harmful for a person to drink milk, and protein powder is harmful because it is produced from milk.

Milk can cause allergies, acne and problems such as gas & bloating in some people. Those with lactose allergy may prefer isolated whey.

Protein powders or protein do not harm the kidneys. However, people with kidney problems should consume protein carefully, so they should consume protein powder carefully. Since consuming protein in general will make the body’s pH balance acidic, drinking plenty of water will be beneficial for people who want to build muscle.

From heart attacks, artificial muscles, sagging muscle builds, about protein powder; There are superstitions ranging from very fast muscle building to abnormal growth. But the benefits and harms of the product are as summarized, it is not an action supplement as it is thought.

It’s cheese!

Protein Powder

Protein powder is a type of dietary supplement that professional athletes should use only after determining their daily requirements under the guidance of an expert. Protein powder, which, among other things, helps repair muscle tissue and strengthen muscles and bones after heavy training, is not necessary for everyone interested in sports. The decision to take protein powder on the advice of a friend or after small investigations without the opinion of a specialist or nutritionist can lead to numerous health problems. Excessive and unknowing intake of protein powders can result in the body receiving more protein than it needs, which can lead to bone loss and problems in the intestines, one of the organs of the digestive system. Protein that the intestines cannot adequately absorb when consumed in excess can lead to health problems such as diarrhea. Thus, the frequently asked question whether protein powder is harmful can be answered. Considering the information obtained through research, the harm of protein powder can be listed as follows:

Heart disease: Since protein powder can lead to an increase in the amount of protein in the body, it causes heart failure and heart enlargement. Depending on the amount of oil contained in the product, it may play a role in the development of other cardiovascular diseases.
Bone resorption: protein increases the acidity of the blood. The calcium in the bones is used to balance this acidity. Excess protein, which causes the excretion of calcium in the bone structure, weakens the bones and makes them brittle, leading to the formation of bone loss, known as osteoporosis.
Formation of kidney stones: protein powder, which weakens the bones by excreting calcium in the bones, leads to the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys. Due to this accumulation, the loss of fluid after exercise leads to the formation of kidney stones. The kidneys also work to make protein usable in the body. Excessive consumption can also lead to diseases such as kidney failure.
Liver disease: The liver has to work harder to remove the protein unknowingly consumed in excess of the body’s needs. This can lead to numerous health problems, especially in people with liver disease.
Using protein powder to strengthen muscle tissue in conjunction with exercise for healthy living, without the advice of a specialist or nutritionist, can lead to many other health problems. Therefore, it is recommended that people who play sports should eat natural foods rich in protein. For a healthy life, you should not forget to have regular checkups.

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