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Russian Ravioli Pelmeni Recipe

Russian Ravioli Pelmeni Recipe

Hello 🙂 After a long time I am back with my favourite Russian Ravioli Pelmeni recipe, also known as pelmeni recipe. Making ravioli used to be a very tedious and distracting activity for me, but lately ravioli recipes have caught my attention and I am trying out many ravioli recipes. The satisfaction of the household in this regard also encourages me to try different ravioli recipes.

Russian Ravioli Pelmeni is prepared in the kitchens of many countries under different names, but with almost the same ingredients. Although the ravioli from Kayseri is our favourite in our kitchen, we still have the ravioli we tried in Beijing in our mouths. I plan to present different recipes for Chinese dumplings as soon as possible.

The dough and filling of the Russian Ravioli Pelmeni I will describe today are the same as those of the Kayseri. However, the shape and presentation are different. As you can see from the recipe, after the russian ravioli, a piece of butter is added and sprinkled with dill. Sometimes a little sour cream is also drizzled on top. If you think that the taste is too short in this way, you can drizzle them with garlic yogurt and pour melted butter, of course 🙂

Russian Ravioli Pelmeni

Ravioli Pelmeni is not an tiring recipe that takes hours. Even if you do not have experience rolling out dough, you can do it very well with a rolling pin. The video at the end of the recipe will also help you with this, I recommend watching it.

Russian Ravioli Pelmeni also freeze well. You can prepare it in advance and keep it in the freezer for a month. It is a lifesaver meal when you need to prepare an emergency meal or entertain guests.

Don’t forget to try the recipe, comment and share, goodbye until the next recipe 🙂

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